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Are you seeking for more power, thrill and adrenaline? Do you want your lovely car to be a beast with unique personalisation? WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU DO THAT!

Hybrid GTB/GT 2268/2271 GTX

ID hybrid

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We produce hybrids based on your GT / GTB 2260 using turbine blades made from forged aluminum, not cast, which are much more durable and lighter than standard ones.
The price includes the entire procedure:
Fin, snuffing Snail + balance.
Receive ready for mounting turbine hybrid 2268 or 2271, able to hold without problem pressure of 2.7 bar and above.

Send us your turbine and after 10-20 days you will get ready to be mounted hybrid turbo.
It is important the turbo to be healthy without axial gaps and problem fins.
* Courier costs shall be paid by the customer.
For making 2268 the price is from 400 to 450 euro.
For making 2271 the price is from 500 to 550 euro.
Contact us for more information.


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